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Building Young Minds Brochure 2012


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A Business Development Program that enables the involved youth to work in a “hands on” environment with mentors/internships in different industries. youth are paired with mentors that fit their career goals. Youth also participate in classes and workshops that focus on entrepreneurship, business, financial responsibility and development.

A Community Development Program that allows youth in the program to engage in open dialogue, and attend workshops and classes that develop awareness and solutions to issues that face their own communities.

An International Cultural and Arts Exchange Program where youth will be given the opportunity to participate in cultural workshops/community services projects that will broaden their perspectives on the global economic and development issues facing the world.

A Youth Empowerment Program focuses on the values and personality of BYM, improving the confidence and self image of young men/women through workshops, seminars, discussion groups, conferences, and pairing the youth with positive mentors.